Airports in Indiana US United States

List of all 477 airports in the U.S. state of Indiana, including major airports in Indiana. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Indiana, how many airports in Indiana, a list of airports in Indiana, small airports in Indiana and cities in Indiana with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Grissom Air Reserve Baselarge_airport Peru
2 Indianapolis International Airportlarge_airport Indianapolis
3 Fort Wayne International Airportlarge_airport Fort Wayne
4 South Bend Regional Airportlarge_airport South Bend
5 Gary Chicago International Airportmedium_airport Gary
6 Evansville Regional Airportmedium_airport Evansville
7 Columbus Municipal Airportmedium_airport Columbus
8 Purdue University Airportmedium_airport Lafayette
9 Monroe County Airportmedium_airport Bloomington
10 Porter County Municipal Airportmedium_airport Valparaiso
11 Terre Haute Regional Airport, Hulman Fieldmedium_airport Terre Haute
12 Delaware County Johnson Fieldmedium_airport Muncie
13 Benham Airportsmall_airport Lyons
14 J & S Fieldsmall_airport Darmstadt
15 O'Neal Airportsmall_airport Vincennes
16 Mc Neil Fieldsmall_airport Fountaintown
17 Oleo Airportsmall_airport Fillmore
18 Small Fieldsmall_airport Carthage
19 Kilsoquah Farm Airportsmall_airport Roanoke
20 Homestead Airportsmall_airport Columbia City
21 Meadors Fieldsmall_airport Danville
22 Berkey Fieldsmall_airport Warsaw
23 Crawfordsville Regional Airportsmall_airport Crawfordsville
24 Boonville Airportsmall_airport Boonville
25 Fremont (Murphy) Airportsmall_airport Fremont
26 Stephenson Airportsmall_airport Pendleton
27 Holloway Fieldsmall_airport New Washington
28 Pherigo Airportsmall_airport Shelbyville
29 Garrett Fieldsmall_airport Poseyville
30 Delphi Municipal Airportsmall_airport Delphi
31 Freeman Municipal Airportsmall_airport Seymour
32 Haffner Airportsmall_airport Lizton
33 Way West Airportsmall_airport Bainbridge
34 Donica Fieldsmall_airport Morgantown
35 Dillon Airportsmall_airport North Liberty
36 Berry Fieldsmall_airport New Whiteland
37 Buchta Airportsmall_airport Haysville
38 Oakes Fieldsmall_airport Charlottesville
39 Gray Airportsmall_airport Boggstown
40 Clover Knoll Airportsmall_airport Cloverdale
41 Madison Municipal Airportsmall_airport Madison
42 Zollinger Stripsmall_airport Ligonier
43 Ames Fieldsmall_airport Plymouth
44 Horizon Fieldsmall_airport Eaton
45 Robinson Airportsmall_airport Vevay
46 Bottoms Brothers Airportsmall_airport Somerville
47 Best Lock Corp. Airstripsmall_airport Indianapolis
48 Smith Airportsmall_airport St. Paul
49 Posey Patch Ultralightportsmall_airport Mount Vernon
50 Anderson Municipal Darlington Fieldsmall_airport Anderson