Airports in Indiana US United States

List of all 478 airports in the U.S. state of Indiana, including major airports in Indiana. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Indiana, how many airports in Indiana, a list of airports in Indiana, small airports in Indiana and cities in Indiana with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Fort Wayne International Airportlarge_airport Fort Wayne
2 South Bend Regional Airportlarge_airport South Bend
3 Grissom Air Reserve Baselarge_airport Peru
4 Indianapolis International Airportlarge_airport Indianapolis
5 Monroe County Airportmedium_airport Bloomington
6 Porter County Municipal Airportmedium_airport Valparaiso
7 Terre Haute Regional Airport, Hulman Fieldmedium_airport Terre Haute
8 Delaware County Johnson Fieldmedium_airport Muncie
9 Gary Chicago International Airportmedium_airport Gary
10 Evansville Regional Airportmedium_airport Evansville
11 Columbus Municipal Airportmedium_airport Columbus
12 Purdue University Airportmedium_airport Lafayette
13 The Wolf Den Airportsmall_airport Roanoke
14 Shure Airportsmall_airport Farmersburg
15 Goodenough Airportsmall_airport Peru
16 Belknap-Icarus Acres Airportsmall_airport Parker City
17 Indianapolis Metropolitan Airportsmall_airport Indianapolis
18 Hickory Hills Airportsmall_airport Hartford City
19 Casad Industrial Park Airportsmall_airport New Haven
20 Putnam County Airportsmall_airport Greencastle
21 Green Fieldsmall_airport Churubusco
22 Brown Airportsmall_airport Goshen
23 Stevens Farms Airportsmall_airport Rushville
24 David Beiswanger Ultralightportsmall_airport South Milford
25 Marshall Fieldsmall_airport Chalmers
26 Hillenbrand Industries Airportsmall_airport Batesville
27 Pigeon Airportsmall_airport Angola
28 Atterbury Field (Camp Atterbury)small_airport Nineveh
29 White County Airportsmall_airport Monticello
30 Raceway Airportsmall_airport Chandler
31 Walker/Rowe Waterloo Airportsmall_airport Waterloo
32 Plew Airportsmall_airport Columbia City
33 Robinson Fieldsmall_airport Greenwood
34 Reid-Eash Airportsmall_airport Howe
35 Culp Airportsmall_airport Francesville
36 Wallace Fieldsmall_airport Wilkinson
37 Aero Plaines Airportsmall_airport Youngstown
38 Westfield Airportsmall_airport Westfield
39 Skylane Airportsmall_airport Evansville
40 Hood Fieldsmall_airport Jamestown
41 Morgan Airfieldsmall_airport Salem
42 Habermel Airportsmall_airport Salem
43 Schroeder Private Airportsmall_airport Mount Vernon
44 Clark Airportsmall_airport Frankfort
45 Fulton County Airportsmall_airport Rochester
46 Foertsch Airportsmall_airport Lamar
47 Culp Farms Airportsmall_airport Rensselaer
48 Sanders Gyroport Airportsmall_airport Cloverdale
49 Shaffer Airportsmall_airport Merriam
50 Scott Fieldsmall_airport Argos