Airports in Alaska US United States

List of all 589 airports in the U.S. state of Alaska, including major airports in Alaska. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Alaska, how many airports in Alaska, a list of airports in Alaska, small airports in Alaska and cities in Alaska with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Fairbanks International Airportlarge_airport Fairbanks
2 Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airportlarge_airport Anchorage
3 Cape Romanzof LRRS Airportmedium_airport Cape Romanzof
4 Bethel Airportmedium_airport Bethel
5 Nenana Municipal Airportmedium_airport Nenana
6 Shishmaref Airportmedium_airport Shishmaref
7 Seward Airportmedium_airport Seward
8 Deering Airportmedium_airport Deering
9 Northway Airportmedium_airport Northway
10 Gustavus Airportmedium_airport Gustavus
11 Soldotna Airportmedium_airport Soldotna
12 Cape Newenham LRRS Airportmedium_airport Cape Newenham
13 Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airportmedium_airport Sitka
14 Wrangell Airportmedium_airport Wrangell
15 Ralph Wien Memorial Airportmedium_airport Kotzebue
16 Eareckson Air Stationmedium_airport Shemya
17 Klawock Airportmedium_airport Klawock
18 Eielson Air Force Basemedium_airport Fairbanks
19 Egegik Airportmedium_airport Egegik
20 Allen Army Airfieldmedium_airport Delta Junction Ft Greely
21 Annette Island Airportmedium_airport Annette
22 Selawik Airportmedium_airport Selawik
23 Wainwright Airportmedium_airport Wainwright
24 Adak Airportmedium_airport Adak Island
25 Emmonak Airportmedium_airport Emmonak
26 Bob Baker Memorial Airportmedium_airport Kiana
27 Buckland Airportmedium_airport Buckland
28 Edward G. Pitka Sr Airportmedium_airport Galena
29 Clear Airportmedium_airport Clear
30 Aleknagik / New Airportmedium_airport Aleknagik
31 Dillingham Airportmedium_airport Dillingham
32 St George Airportmedium_airport St George
33 Holy Cross Airportmedium_airport Holy Cross
34 Kenai Municipal Airportmedium_airport Kenai
35 Nuiqsut Airportmedium_airport Nuiqsut
36 Iliamna Airportmedium_airport Iliamna
37 Anvik Airportmedium_airport Anvik
38 St Mary's Airportmedium_airport St Mary's
39 Noatak Airportmedium_airport Noatak
40 Scammon Bay Airportmedium_airport Scammon Bay
41 Marshall Don Hunter Sr Airportmedium_airport Marshall
42 Port Clarence Coast Guard Stationmedium_airport Port Clarence
43 Huslia Airportmedium_airport Huslia
44 Merrill Fieldmedium_airport Anchorage
45 Fort Yukon Airportmedium_airport Fort Yukon
46 Arctic Village Airportmedium_airport Arctic Village
47 Indian Mountain LRRS Airportmedium_airport Utopia Creek
48 St Paul Island Airportmedium_airport St Paul Island
49 Kodiak Airportmedium_airport Kodiak
50 Haines Airportmedium_airport Haines