Airports in Connecticut US United States

List of all 57 airports in the U.S. state of Connecticut, including major airports in Connecticut. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Connecticut, how many airports in Connecticut, a list of airports in Connecticut, small airports in Connecticut and cities in Connecticut with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Bradley International Airportlarge_airport Hartford
2 Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airportmedium_airport Bridgeport
3 Groton New London Airportmedium_airport Groton (New London)
4 Hartford Brainard Airportmedium_airport Hartford
5 Tweed New Haven Airportmedium_airport New Haven
6 Murphy's Landing Balloonportballoonport Bethlehem
7 Wings Ago Airstripsmall_airport Goshen
8 Woodstock Airportsmall_airport South Woodstock
9 Green Acres Airportsmall_airport Bristol
10 Bancroft Airportsmall_airport East Windsor Hill
11 Meriden Markham Municipal Airportsmall_airport Meriden
12 Spruce Airportsmall_airport Jewett City
13 Ellington Airportsmall_airport Ellington
14 Robertson Fieldsmall_airport Plainville
15 Wysocki Fieldsmall_airport Ellington
16 Waterbury Oxford Airportsmall_airport Oxford
17 Candlelight Farms Airportsmall_airport New Milford
18 Ripley Fieldsmall_airport Litchfield
19 Tango 7 Airportsmall_airport Woodson
20 Skylark Airparksmall_airport Warehouse Point
21 Laurie Fieldsmall_airport Hazardville
22 Chester Airportsmall_airport Chester
23 Bee Fieldsmall_airport Jewett City
24 Wychwood Fieldsmall_airport Mystic
25 Salmon River Airfieldsmall_airport Marlborough
26 Rankl Fieldsmall_airport Marlborough
27 Waterbury Airportsmall_airport Waterbury
28 Irish Hills Farms Airportsmall_airport Bethlehem
29 Docktors Fieldsmall_airport New Milford
30 Toutant Airportsmall_airport Putnam
31 North Canaan Aviation Facilities Inc Airportsmall_airport North Canaan
32 Goodspeed Airportsmall_airport East Haddam
33 Flying Ridge Airstripsmall_airport Newtown
34 Whelan Farms Airportsmall_airport Bethlehem
35 Danbury Municipal Airportsmall_airport Danbury
36 Valley Farms Airportsmall_airport Somers
37 Simsbury Airportsmall_airport Simsbury
38 Good Hill Farm Airportsmall_airport Roxbury
39 Skis Landing Area Airportsmall_airport Colchester
40 Swift Airportsmall_airport Stafford Springs
41 Eastford Airportsmall_airport Eastford
42 Long View Landing Airportsmall_airport Washington
43 Gardner Lake Airportsmall_airport Colchester
44 Gallup Farm Airportsmall_airport Voluntown
45 Thomson Fieldsmall_airport Bethlehem
46 Westford Airstripsmall_airport Ashford/Westford
47 Heckler Fieldsmall_airport Coventry
48 Gager Fieldsmall_airport Bozrah
49 Buell Farm Ultralightportsmall_airport Eastford
50 Stonington Airparksmall_airport Stonington