Airports in Delaware US United States

List of all 36 airports in the U.S. state of Delaware, including major airports in Delaware. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Delaware, how many airports in Delaware, a list of airports in Delaware, small airports in Delaware and cities in Delaware with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Dover Air Force Baselarge_airport Dover
2 New Castle Airportmedium_airport Wilmington
3 Jenkins Airportsmall_airport Wyoming
4 Drummond Airportsmall_airport Milford
5 Scotty's Place Airportsmall_airport Smyrna
6 Laurel Airportsmall_airport Laurel
7 Mckeown Airportsmall_airport Middletown
8 Owens Fieldsmall_airport Ellendale
9 Belfair Airportsmall_airport Felton
10 Full Throttle Farm Airportsmall_airport Clayton
11 Huey Airportsmall_airport Bridgeville
12 Okolona Plantation Airportsmall_airport Middletown
13 Willaview Airportsmall_airport Farmington
14 Pevey Airportsmall_airport Seaford
15 Townsend A Airportsmall_airport Townsend
16 Murphy's Landing Airportsmall_airport Milford
17 Sugar Hill Airportsmall_airport Greenwood
18 Josephs Airportsmall_airport Georgetown
19 Smyrna Airportsmall_airport Smyrna
20 Duffy's Airportsmall_airport Townsend
21 Delaware Airparksmall_airport Dover/Cheswold
22 Doyle's Airportsmall_airport Felton
23 Spirit Airparksmall_airport Townsend
24 Chorman Airportsmall_airport Farmington
25 Newberg Airportsmall_airport Smyrna
26 West Private Airportsmall_airport Roxana
27 Flying C Airportsmall_airport Hartly
28 Ockel Farms Airportsmall_airport Milton
29 Summit Airportsmall_airport Middletown
30 Chandelle Estates Airportsmall_airport Dover
31 Johnsons Airportsmall_airport Magnolia
32 Eagle Crest-Hudson Airportsmall_airport Milton
33 Sussex County Airportsmall_airport Georgetown
34 Albanna Aviation Airportsmall_airport Felton
35 Kimbowrosa Farm Airportsmall_airport Milford
36 Warrington Fieldsmall_airport Selbyville