Airports in Iowa US United States

List of all 235 airports in the U.S. state of Iowa, including major airports in Iowa. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Iowa, how many airports in Iowa, a list of airports in Iowa, small airports in Iowa and cities in Iowa with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Sioux Gateway Airport/Brigadier General Bud Day Fieldlarge_airport Sioux City
2 Dubuque Regional Airportlarge_airport Dubuque
3 The Eastern Iowa Airportlarge_airport Cedar Rapids
4 Des Moines International Airportlarge_airport Des Moines
5 Southeast Iowa Regional Airportmedium_airport Burlington
6 Ottumwa Regional Airportmedium_airport Ottumwa
7 Mason City Municipal Airportmedium_airport Mason City
8 Fort Dodge Regional Airportmedium_airport Fort Dodge
9 Northeast Iowa Regional Airportmedium_airport Charles City
10 Waterloo Regional Airportmedium_airport Waterloo
11 Forest City Municipal Airportsmall_airport Forest City
12 Stangl STOLportsmall_airport Coon Rapids
13 Farrar Airportsmall_airport Farrar
14 Rock Rapids Municipal Airportsmall_airport Rock Rapids
15 Folkerts Airportsmall_airport Rudd
16 Ames Municipal Airportsmall_airport Ames
17 Jukam's Landing Airportsmall_airport Menlo
18 Bluebird Airportsmall_airport Janesville
19 Ankeny Regional Airportsmall_airport Ankeny
20 Zangger Vintage Airparksmall_airport Larchwood
21 Keitzer Fieldsmall_airport Mediapolis
22 Belle Plaine Municipal Airportsmall_airport Belle Plaine
23 Monona Municipal Airportsmall_airport Monona
24 Arthur N Neu Airportsmall_airport Carroll
25 Davenport Municipal Airportsmall_airport Davenport
26 Sharar Fieldsmall_airport Mediapolis
27 Beeds Lake Airportsmall_airport Hampton
28 Oelwein Municipal Airportsmall_airport Oelwein
29 Ackley Municipal Airportsmall_airport Ackley
30 Rockwell City Municipal Airportsmall_airport Rockwell City
31 Belmond Municipal Airportsmall_airport Belmond
32 Shields Airportsmall_airport Red Oak
33 Ridge Airportsmall_airport Oakland
34 Guthrie County Regional Airportsmall_airport Guthrie Center
35 Ancam Antique Airfieldsmall_airport West Burlington
36 B-8 Farms Airportsmall_airport Whiting
37 Shenandoah Municipal Airportsmall_airport Shenandoah
38 Flying S Ranch Airportsmall_airport Renwick
39 Washington Municipal Airportsmall_airport Washington
40 Poyner Airportsmall_airport Jesup
41 Iowa City Municipal Airportsmall_airport Iowa City
42 Primghar Airportsmall_airport Primghar
43 Dyersville Area Airportsmall_airport Dyersville
44 Vinton Veterans Memorial Airparksmall_airport Vinton
45 Sig Fieldsmall_airport Montezuma
46 Cherokee County Regional Airportsmall_airport Cherokee
47 Eagle Grove Municipal Airportsmall_airport Eagle Grove
48 Moore Private Airportsmall_airport Millerton
49 Pierson Fieldsmall_airport Oskaloosa
50 Oskaloosa Municipal Airportsmall_airport Oskaloosa