Airports in Idaho US United States

List of all 247 airports in the U.S. state of Idaho, including major airports in Idaho. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Idaho, how many airports in Idaho, a list of airports in Idaho, small airports in Idaho and cities in Idaho with airports.

# Airport • type Municipalitysort descending
1 Kooskia (Clear Creek Int) Airportsmall_airport
2 Ski Valley Airportsmall_airport
3 Cx Ranch Nr 2 Airportsmall_airport Clark Fork
4 Delta Shores Airportsmall_airport Clark Fork
5 Tuka STOLportsmall_airport Clark Fork
6 Riverlake Airportsmall_airport Clark Fork
7 CX Ranch Airportsmall_airport Clark Fork
8 Treasure Gulch Airportsmall_airport Placerville
9 Lava Hot Springs Airportsmall_airport Lava Hot Springs
10 Caldwell Industrial Airportsmall_airport Caldwell
11 Hubler Fieldsmall_airport Caldwell
12 Hidden Lakes Airportsmall_airport Cascade
13 Cascade Airportsmall_airport Cascade
14 Deadwood Dam Airstripsmall_airport Cascade
15 Morgan Ranch Airportsmall_airport Cascade
16 Sulphur Creek Ranch Airportsmall_airport Cascade
17 High Valley Swanson Airportsmall_airport Cascade
18 White Pine Flats Ranch LLC Airportsmall_airport Troy
19 Seven Devils Airportsmall_airport Council
20 Flying Y Ranch Airportsmall_airport Council
21 Council Municipal Airportsmall_airport Council
22 Emmett Municipal Airportsmall_airport Emmett
23 Lanham Fieldsmall_airport Emmett
24 Pinnacle Airportsmall_airport Grangeville
25 Hungry Ridge Ranch Airportsmall_airport Grangeville
26 Idaho County Airportsmall_airport Grangeville
27 Running Creek Ranch Airportsmall_airport Grangeville
28 Elk City Airportsmall_airport Elk City
29 Larkin Airportsmall_airport Kuna
30 Black'S Airfieldsmall_airport Kuna
31 Green Acres Airportsmall_airport Kuna
32 Indian Creek Ranch Airportsmall_airport Kuna
33 Interstate Airportsmall_airport Malta
34 S Bar Ranch Airportsmall_airport Hill City
35 Tracy Ranch Airportsmall_airport Hill City
36 Sunrise Skypark Airportsmall_airport Marsing
37 Symms Airportsmall_airport Marsing
38 Weitz Airportsmall_airport Marsing
39 Taylor Ranch Landing Area Airportsmall_airport Moscow
40 Fountains Airportsmall_airport Moscow
41 Warren /US Forest Service/ Airportsmall_airport Warren
42 South Fork Ranch Airportsmall_airport Featherville
43 Ziggy's Airportsmall_airport Filer
44 Flying Joseph Ranch Airportsmall_airport May
45 May Airportsmall_airport May
46 Mountain Home Municipal Airportsmall_airport Mountain Home
47 Coyote Run Airportsmall_airport Mountain Home
48 Mountain Home Air Force Baselarge_airport Mountain Home
49 Black Butte Ranch Airportsmall_airport Shoshone
50 Ez Lope Ranch Airportsmall_airport Oreana