Airports in Idaho US United States

List of all 247 airports in the U.S. state of Idaho, including major airports in Idaho. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Idaho, how many airports in Idaho, a list of airports in Idaho, small airports in Idaho and cities in Idaho with airports.

# Airport • typesort descending Municipality
1 40 Acre Airstripsmall_airport Salmon
2 Aberdeen Municipal Airportsmall_airport Aberdeen
3 Allen H Tigert Airportsmall_airport Soda Springs
4 American Falls Airportsmall_airport American Falls
5 Antelope Valley Airportsmall_airport Grouse
6 Arco Butte County Airportsmall_airport Arco
7 Atlanta Airportsmall_airport Atlanta
8 Bancroft Municipal Airportsmall_airport Bancroft
9 Battle Ridge Butte Airportsmall_airport Kooskia
10 Bear Air Airportsmall_airport Donnelly
11 Bear Lake County Airportsmall_airport Paris
12 Bear Trap Airportsmall_airport Minidoka
13 Beaux Ranch Fieldsmall_airport Sandpoint
14 Bernard US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Bernard
15 Big Bar Airportsmall_airport Lucile
16 Big Creek Airportsmall_airport Big Creek
17 Big Island Airportsmall_airport Orofino
18 Big Southern Butte Airportsmall_airport Atomic City
19 Bird Nr 2 Airportsmall_airport Sandpoint
20 Black Butte Ranch Airportsmall_airport Shoshone
21 Black'S Airfieldsmall_airport Kuna
22 Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Fieldlarge_airport Boise
23 Boulder Creek Airstripsmall_airport Donnelly
24 Boundary County Airportsmall_airport Bonners Ferry
25 Bowman Fieldsmall_airport Chester
26 Bruce Meadows Airportsmall_airport Stanley
27 Buhl Municipal Airportsmall_airport Buhl
28 Burley Municipal Airportmedium_airport Burley
29 Cabin Creek US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Big Creek Ranger Station
30 Caldwell Industrial Airportsmall_airport Caldwell
31 Camas County Airportsmall_airport Fairfield
32 Carey Airportsmall_airport Carey
33 Carlin Bay Airportsmall_airport Coeur D'Alene
34 Cascade Airportsmall_airport Cascade
35 Cascade Reservoir Private Stripsmall_airport Donnelly
36 Cavanaugh Bay Airportsmall_airport Coolin
37 Cayuse Creek /US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Cayuse Creek
38 Challis Airportsmall_airport Challis
39 Chamberlain USFS Airportsmall_airport Chamberlain Guard Station
40 Coeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Fieldmedium_airport Coeur D'Alene
41 Cold Meadows US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Cold Meadows Guard Station
42 Copper Basin Airportsmall_airport Mackay
43 Corral Creek Airportsmall_airport Helmer
44 Cottonwood Municipal Airportsmall_airport Cottonwood
45 Cougar Ranch Airportsmall_airport Chalis
46 Council Municipal Airportsmall_airport Council
47 Coxs Well Airportsmall_airport Atomic City
48 Coyote Ridge Airportsmall_airport Midvale
49 Coyote Run Airportsmall_airport Mountain Home
50 Cptpa Headquarters Airportsmall_airport Headquarters