Airports in Idaho US United States

List of all 247 airports in the U.S. state of Idaho, including major airports in Idaho. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Idaho, how many airports in Idaho, a list of airports in Idaho, small airports in Idaho and cities in Idaho with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
101 Stocking Meadows Airportsmall_airport Clarkia
102 Fish Lake /US Forest Service/ Airportsmall_airport Fish Lake
103 Pine Airportsmall_airport Pine
104 Tracy Ranch Airportsmall_airport Hill City
105 Cabin Creek US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Big Creek Ranger Station
106 Preston Airportsmall_airport Preston
107 Hollow Top Airportsmall_airport Martin
108 Star 's' Ranch Airportsmall_airport Mackay
109 Carey Airportsmall_airport Carey
110 Smith Prairie Airportsmall_airport Prairie
111 Indian Creek Ranch Airportsmall_airport Kuna
112 Flying Y Ranch Airportsmall_airport Council
113 Smith Ranch Airportsmall_airport Hauser Lake
114 Cold Meadows US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Cold Meadows Guard Station
115 Fairbanks Airfieldsmall_airport Eden
116 Riverlake Airportsmall_airport Clark Fork
117 Idaho City US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Idaho City
118 W E Ranch Airportsmall_airport Thatcher
119 Priest Lake Usfs Airportsmall_airport Nordman
120 Cottonwood Municipal Airportsmall_airport Cottonwood
121 Black Butte Ranch Airportsmall_airport Shoshone
122 High Valley Swanson Airportsmall_airport Cascade
123 Midway Airportsmall_airport Atomic City
124 Harrington Airportsmall_airport Idaho City
125 Spencer Ranch Landing Stripsmall_airport Keuterville
126 Hubler Fieldsmall_airport Caldwell
127 Stanford Fieldsmall_airport St Anthony
128 May Airportsmall_airport May
129 Flying A Ranch Airportsmall_airport Lake Fork
130 Upper Loon Creek US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Challis
131 Rockford Municipal Airportsmall_airport Rockford
132 Murphy Hot Springs Airportsmall_airport Three Creek
133 Lanham Fieldsmall_airport Emmett
134 Treeport Airportsmall_airport Spirit Lake
135 Council Municipal Airportsmall_airport Council
136 Skyline STOLportsmall_airport Inkom
137 Wilson Bar US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Dixie
138 Laidlaw Corrals Airportsmall_airport Kimama
139 Poplar Point Airportsmall_airport Bruneau
140 Rapoport Ranch Airportsmall_airport Sandpoint
141 Weiser Municipal Airportsmall_airport Weiser
142 Ez Lope Ranch Airportsmall_airport Oreana
143 King Mountain Glider Parksmall_airport Moore
144 Dubois Municipal Airportsmall_airport Dubois
145 Treasure Gulch Airportsmall_airport Placerville
146 Foster Field - Dzone Skydiving Airportsmall_airport Star
147 CX Ranch Airportsmall_airport Clark Fork
148 Aberdeen Municipal Airportsmall_airport Aberdeen
149 Lee Williams Memorial Airportsmall_airport Midvale
150 Fountains Airportsmall_airport Moscow