Airports in Idaho US United States

List of all 247 airports in the U.S. state of Idaho, including major airports in Idaho. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Idaho, how many airports in Idaho, a list of airports in Idaho, small airports in Idaho and cities in Idaho with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
151 Mccarley Fieldsmall_airport Blackfoot
152 Copper Basin Airportsmall_airport Mackay
153 Q.B. One Airportsmall_airport Idaho Falls
154 Big Creek Airportsmall_airport Big Creek
155 Lemons Fieldsmall_airport Fruitland
156 Sky Ranch North Airportsmall_airport Nampa
157 Lava Hot Springs Airportsmall_airport Lava Hot Springs
158 Seven Devils Airportsmall_airport Council
159 Allen H Tigert Airportsmall_airport Soda Springs
160 Beaux Ranch Fieldsmall_airport Sandpoint
161 Huskey Airportsmall_airport Irwin
162 Hazelton Municipal Airportsmall_airport Hazelton
163 Southfork River Ranch Airportsmall_airport Stites
164 Idaho County Airportsmall_airport Grangeville
165 Flying Joseph Ranch Airportsmall_airport May
166 Tuka STOLportsmall_airport Clark Fork
167 Elk City Airportsmall_airport Elk City
168 Oakley Municipal Airportsmall_airport Oakley
169 Rainbow Ranch Airportsmall_airport Idaho Falls
170 Arco Butte County Airportsmall_airport Arco
171 Dixie US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Dixie
172 Buhl Municipal Airportsmall_airport Buhl
173 Mahoney Creek US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Mahoney Creek
174 Bowman Fieldsmall_airport Chester
175 Twin Bridges Airportsmall_airport Ketchum
176 Cayuse Creek /US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Cayuse Creek
177 The Last Resort Airportsmall_airport Weippe
178 Malad City Airportsmall_airport Malad City
179 Morgan Ranch Airportsmall_airport Cascade
180 Bird Nr 2 Airportsmall_airport Sandpoint
181 Chamberlain USFS Airportsmall_airport Chamberlain Guard Station
182 Red Baron Airparksmall_airport Oasis
183 Sulphur Creek Ranch Airportsmall_airport Cascade
184 Howe Airportsmall_airport Howe
185 Big Bar Airportsmall_airport Lucile
186 Cavanaugh Bay Airportsmall_airport Coolin
187 Shoshone County Airportsmall_airport Kellogg
188 Coyote Run Airportsmall_airport Mountain Home
189 Stocking Meadows Airportsmall_airport Clarkia
190 Fish Lake /US Forest Service/ Airportsmall_airport Fish Lake
191 Pine Airportsmall_airport Pine
192 Tracy Ranch Airportsmall_airport Hill City
193 Cabin Creek US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Big Creek Ranger Station
194 Preston Airportsmall_airport Preston
195 Hollow Top Airportsmall_airport Martin
196 Star 's' Ranch Airportsmall_airport Mackay
197 Carey Airportsmall_airport Carey
198 Smith Prairie Airportsmall_airport Prairie
199 Idaho City US Forest Service Airportsmall_airport Idaho City
200 Indian Creek Ranch Airportsmall_airport Kuna