Airports in Illinois US United States

List of all 552 airports in the U.S. state of Illinois, including major airports in Illinois. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Illinois, how many airports in Illinois, a list of airports in Illinois, small airports in Illinois and cities in Illinois with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Scott AFB/Midamerica Airportlarge_airport Belleville
2 Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normallarge_airport Bloomington/Normal
3 Chicago O'Hare International Airportlarge_airport Chicago
4 General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airportlarge_airport Peoria
5 Abraham Lincoln Capital Airportlarge_airport Springfield
6 Chicago Midway International Airportlarge_airport Chicago
7 Quad City International Airportlarge_airport Moline
8 Chicago Rockford International Airportlarge_airport Chicago/Rockford
9 University of Illinois Willard Airportmedium_airport Champaign/Urbana
10 Decatur Airportmedium_airport Decatur
11 Southern Illinois Airportmedium_airport Carbondale/Murphysboro
12 Dupage Airportmedium_airport Chicago/West Chicago
13 Chicago Executive Airportmedium_airport Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling
14 Greater Kankakee Airportmedium_airport Kankakee
15 Quincy Regional Baldwin Fieldmedium_airport Quincy
16 St Louis Regional Airportmedium_airport Alton/St Louis
17 Gillen Airportsmall_airport Monmouth
18 Lz Fairwinds Airportsmall_airport Rockford
19 Hoblit Farms Airportsmall_airport Atlanta
20 Frings Airportsmall_airport Leeds
21 Skillet Fork Farm Airportsmall_airport Wayne City
22 Joliet Regional Airportsmall_airport Joliet
23 Wm Quinton Restricted Landing Areasmall_airport Heyworth
24 Antique Aerodromesmall_airport Cornell
25 Alekat Acres Airportsmall_airport Atlanta
26 Koch Airportsmall_airport Shirland
27 Lutz Restricted Landing Areasmall_airport Green Valley
28 Williamson Airportsmall_airport Westervelt
29 Vandalia Municipal Airportsmall_airport Vandalia
30 Houseman Airportsmall_airport Cobden
31 Rothrock Airportsmall_airport Streator
32 Van Gorder Airportsmall_airport Mansfield
33 Aurora Municipal Airportsmall_airport Chicago/Aurora
34 Adkins RLA Restricted Landing Areasmall_airport Harvard
35 Hundley Airportsmall_airport Rochester
36 Sweedler Airportsmall_airport Elwood
37 John W Meils Restricted Landing Areasmall_airport Rutland
38 Willhoit Airportsmall_airport Staunton
39 Foxfield Aerodromesmall_airport Lanark
40 Swan Valley Farm Airportsmall_airport Lanark
41 Williamson County Regional Airportsmall_airport Marion
42 Townley Farms Airportsmall_airport Mattoon
43 Kuebler RLA Restricted Landing Areasmall_airport St Elmo
44 Harrington Farms Airportsmall_airport Sheridan
45 Delhotal Airportsmall_airport West Brooklyn
46 Schertz Aerial Service - Cooksville Airportsmall_airport Cooksville
47 Sd Aero Airportsmall_airport Capron
48 Busboom Airportsmall_airport Gifford
49 Riverveiw Airportsmall_airport Evansville
50 Cushing Field Ltd Airportsmall_airport Newark