Airports in Maryland US United States

List of all 156 airports in the U.S. state of Maryland, including major airports in Maryland. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Maryland, how many airports in Maryland, a list of airports in Maryland, small airports in Maryland and cities in Maryland with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Joint Base Andrewslarge_airport Camp Springs
2 Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airportlarge_airport Baltimore
3 Salisbury Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airportmedium_airport Salisbury
4 Tipton Airportmedium_airport Fort Meade(Odenton)
5 Phillips Army Air Fieldmedium_airport Aberdeen Proving Grounds(Aberdeen)
6 Hagerstown Regional Richard A Henson Fieldmedium_airport Hagerstown
7 Martin State Airportmedium_airport Baltimore
8 Patuxent River Naval Air Station (Trapnell Field)medium_airport Patuxent River
9 Roseland Airportsmall_airport Sudlersville
10 Holly Springs Farm Airportsmall_airport Nanjemoy
11 Tilghman Whipp Airportsmall_airport Tilghman
12 Davis Airstripsmall_airport Laytonsville
13 Squier Landing Airportsmall_airport Cobb Island
14 Wright Fieldsmall_airport Chestertown
15 Bunting's Fieldsmall_airport Berlin
16 Happy Landings Farm Airportsmall_airport Unionville
17 St. Mary's County Regional Airportsmall_airport Leonardtown
18 Myles Landing Airportsmall_airport Church Hill
19 Buds Ferry Airportsmall_airport Indian Head
20 Sandy Point Airportsmall_airport Prince Frederick
21 Reservoir Airportsmall_airport Finksburg
22 Easton Newnam Fieldsmall_airport Easton
23 Washington Executive Hyde Fieldsmall_airport Clinton
24 Burhans Memorial Airportsmall_airport Frederick
25 Three J Airportsmall_airport New Windsor
26 Suzie Fieldsmall_airport Woodbine
27 Carroll Airportsmall_airport Ridgely
28 Pond View Private Airportsmall_airport Chestertown
29 Bell Airportsmall_airport Emmittsburg
30 Ward's Airportsmall_airport Oakland
31 Good Neighbor Farm Airportsmall_airport Unionville
32 Cecil County Airportsmall_airport Elkton
33 Schlosser Airportsmall_airport Galena
34 Gary Fieldsmall_airport Denton
35 Dileo Fieldsmall_airport Denton
36 Lanseair Farms Airportsmall_airport La Plata
37 Frederick Municipal Airportsmall_airport Frederick
38 Crisfield Municipal Airportsmall_airport Crisfield
39 Fairview Airportsmall_airport Annapolis
40 Beverly Airportsmall_airport Pocomoke City
41 Spiering Airportsmall_airport Greensboro
42 Walters Airportsmall_airport Mount Airy
43 Robinson Private Airportsmall_airport Benedict
44 Carey Fieldsmall_airport Bishopville
45 Stolcrest STOLportsmall_airport Urbana
46 Anderson Farm Airportsmall_airport Marion
47 Keymar Airparksmall_airport Keymar
48 Harp Airportsmall_airport Wolfsville
49 Moran Fieldsmall_airport Westernport
50 Fair's Airportsmall_airport Pocomoke City