Airports in Maine US United States

List of all 125 airports in the U.S. state of Maine, including major airports in Maine. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Maine, how many airports in Maine, a list of airports in Maine, small airports in Maine and cities in Maine with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Bangor International Airportlarge_airport Bangor
2 Portland International Jetportlarge_airport Portland
3 Augusta State Airportmedium_airport Augusta
4 Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airportmedium_airport Bar Harbor
5 Brunswick Executive Airportmedium_airport Brunswick
6 Caribou Municipal Airportmedium_airport Caribou
7 Houlton International Airportmedium_airport Houlton
8 Presque Isle International Airportmedium_airport Presque Isle
9 Margerison Airportsmall_airport Durham
10 Thomas Airportsmall_airport Roxbury
11 Dyer's Fieldsmall_airport Rumford
12 Newton Fieldsmall_airport Jackman
13 Cowboys Air Ranch Airportsmall_airport Forest Township
14 Eastern Slopes Regional Airportsmall_airport Fryeburg
15 Mount Vernon Airportsmall_airport Mount Vernon
16 Bethel Regional Airportsmall_airport Bethel
17 Knox County Regional Airportsmall_airport Rockland
18 Lindbergh Airportsmall_airport Avon
19 Sunny Hill Airportsmall_airport Belgrade
20 Two Falls Airportsmall_airport Willimantic
21 Biddeford Municipal Airportsmall_airport Biddeford
22 Clayton Lake Stripsmall_airport Clayton Lake
23 Slip Knot Landing Airportsmall_airport Windham
24 Lubec Municipal Airportsmall_airport Lubec
25 Ragmuff Airportsmall_airport Greenville
26 Auburn Lewiston Municipal Airportsmall_airport Auburn/Lewiston
27 Mars Hill Airportsmall_airport Mars Hill
28 Dexter Regional Airportsmall_airport Dexter
29 Sanford Seacoast Regional Airportsmall_airport Sanford
30 Perrotti Skyranch Airfieldsmall_airport Berwick
31 Salmon Falls Airportsmall_airport Berwick
32 Morrison's Airportsmall_airport Perry
33 Sugarloaf Regional Airportsmall_airport Carrabassett
34 Cutler Regional Airportsmall_airport Cutler
35 Heartstone Farm Airportsmall_airport Charleston
36 Gillespie Fieldsmall_airport Meddybemps
37 Lincoln Regional Airportsmall_airport Lincoln
38 Rocky Ridge Airportsmall_airport Greene
39 Pittsfield Municipal Airportsmall_airport Pittsfield
40 Waterville Robert Lafleur Airportsmall_airport Waterville
41 Brewer Airportsmall_airport Brewer
42 Thompson Memorial Fieldsmall_airport West Pittsfield
43 Buzzy's Fieldsmall_airport Acton
44 Bob-Mar Airportsmall_airport Fairfield
45 Matinicus Island Airportsmall_airport Matinicus Island
46 Abbots Airportsmall_airport East Sumner
47 Millinocket Municipal Airportsmall_airport Millinocket
48 Witherspoons Airportsmall_airport North Haven
49 Greenville Municipal Airportsmall_airport Greenville
50 Fort Fairfield Airportsmall_airport Fort Fairfield