Airports in North Dakota US United States

List of all 297 airports in the U.S. state of North Dakota, including major airports in North Dakota. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in North Dakota, how many airports in North Dakota, a list of airports in North Dakota, small airports in North Dakota and cities in North Dakota with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Williston Basin International Airportmedium_airport Williston
2 Hector International Airportmedium_airport Fargo
3 Minot International Airportmedium_airport Minot
4 Grand Forks International Airportmedium_airport Grand Forks
5 Grand Forks Air Force Basemedium_airport Grand Forks
6 Bismarck Municipal Airportmedium_airport Bismarck
7 Sloulin Field International Airportmedium_airport Williston
8 Jamestown Regional Airportmedium_airport Jamestown
9 Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airportmedium_airport Dickinson
10 Minot Air Force Basemedium_airport Minot
11 Welstad Farms Airstripsmall_airport Upham
12 Deck Airportsmall_airport Hillsboro
13 Bottineau Municipal Airportsmall_airport Bottineau
14 Sorlie Airportsmall_airport Maddock
15 Warren Pietsch Airportsmall_airport Sawyer
16 Buchmiller Airportsmall_airport Bowdon
17 Jenson Airportsmall_airport Reynolds
18 Sunset Stripsmall_airport Dunn Center
19 Stanley Municipal Airportsmall_airport Stanley
20 Edgeley Municipal Airportsmall_airport Edgeley
21 Dilse Private Airstripsmall_airport Scranton
22 South Hector Airstripsmall_airport Fargo
23 Gienger/Box Bar Ranch Airportsmall_airport Streeter
24 Brands Airportsmall_airport Taylor
25 Hashbarger Farm Airstripsmall_airport Hope
26 Hudson's Stripsmall_airport Wyndmere
27 Ring Rock Ranch Airportsmall_airport Williston
28 Pete's Port Airportsmall_airport Killdeer
29 Tomlinson Fieldsmall_airport New Rockford
30 Fischer Private Airportsmall_airport Garrison
31 Jurgens Airstripsmall_airport Taylor
32 Soderquist Airportsmall_airport Wilton
33 Indian Hill Resort Airportsmall_airport Garrison
34 Elliott Farms Airportsmall_airport Drayton
35 Moser Airstripsmall_airport Westfield
36 Lill Stripsmall_airport Bremen
37 Bakke Airportsmall_airport Larimore
38 Leeds Municipal Airportsmall_airport Leeds
39 Boyd's Turf Airportsmall_airport Golva
40 Flying S Ranch Airportsmall_airport Minot
41 Haugen's Airportsmall_airport Alexander
42 Saure Airportsmall_airport Reynolds
43 Schroeder Private Airportsmall_airport Erie
44 Elgin Municipal Airportsmall_airport Elgin
45 Beach Airportsmall_airport Beach
46 Napoleon Municipal Airportsmall_airport Napoleon
47 Bakko Airstripsmall_airport Walcott
48 Chase Airstripsmall_airport Hebron
49 Hutson Fieldsmall_airport Grafton
50 Preszler Airstripsmall_airport Braddock