Airports in North Dakota US United States

List of all 297 airports in the U.S. state of North Dakota, including major airports in North Dakota. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in North Dakota, how many airports in North Dakota, a list of airports in North Dakota, small airports in North Dakota and cities in North Dakota with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Bismarck Municipal Airportmedium_airport Bismarck
2 Sloulin Field International Airportmedium_airport Williston
3 Jamestown Regional Airportmedium_airport Jamestown
4 Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airportmedium_airport Dickinson
5 Minot Air Force Basemedium_airport Minot
6 Williston Basin International Airportmedium_airport Williston
7 Hector International Airportmedium_airport Fargo
8 Minot International Airportmedium_airport Minot
9 Grand Forks International Airportmedium_airport Grand Forks
10 Grand Forks Air Force Basemedium_airport Grand Forks
11 Gwinner Roger Melroe Fieldsmall_airport Gwinner
12 Andvik Airportsmall_airport Kindred
13 Lonetree Airstripsmall_airport Harvey
14 Ausk Stripsmall_airport Chaffee
15 Holen Aerial Spray Airstripsmall_airport Bantry
16 Nicks Landing Airportsmall_airport Grenora
17 Harvey Municipal Airportsmall_airport Harvey
18 Ricketyback Fieldsmall_airport Aneta
19 Kersten Brothers Airportsmall_airport Newburg
20 Gajewski Fieldsmall_airport Alexander
21 Grenora Centennial Airportsmall_airport Grenora
22 Rugby Municipal Airportsmall_airport Rugby
23 Westerlind Airportsmall_airport Mercer
24 Schroeder Airportsmall_airport Davenport
25 Minto Municipal Airportsmall_airport Minto
26 Dakota Airportsmall_airport Grandin
27 Pruetz Municipal Airportsmall_airport Kulm
28 Cando Municipal Airportsmall_airport Cando
29 Robertson Fieldsmall_airport Langdon
30 Saville Private Airportsmall_airport Hazelton
31 Krause Private Airportsmall_airport Wyndmere
32 Millers Airstripsmall_airport Deering
33 Bouret Ranch Airportsmall_airport Sheyenne
34 Risovi Ranch Stripsmall_airport Hamberg
35 Stokka Airportsmall_airport Sutton
36 Rolette Airportsmall_airport Rolette
37 Central Valley Aviation Airportsmall_airport Buxton
38 Page Regional Airportsmall_airport Page
39 Larson Airportsmall_airport Fullerton
40 Mohall Municipal Airportsmall_airport Mohall
41 Walkinshaw Airportsmall_airport Argusville
42 Peterson Airportsmall_airport Amenia
43 J Vining Airportsmall_airport Chaffee
44 Behrens Airstripsmall_airport Burlington
45 Knutson Airportsmall_airport Thompson
46 Lakota Municipal Airportsmall_airport Lakota
47 Punton Private Airportsmall_airport Absaraka
48 Swenson Airportsmall_airport Belfield
49 Downs Farm Private Airportsmall_airport Hillsboro
50 Watford City Municipal Airportsmall_airport Watford City