Airports in Nebraska US United States

List of all 259 airports in the U.S. state of Nebraska, including major airports in Nebraska. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Nebraska, how many airports in Nebraska, a list of airports in Nebraska, small airports in Nebraska and cities in Nebraska with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Eppley Airfieldlarge_airport Omaha
2 North Platte Regional Airport Lee Bird Fieldmedium_airport North Platte
3 Columbus Municipal Airportmedium_airport Columbus
4 Chadron Municipal Airportmedium_airport Chadron
5 Central Nebraska Regional Airportmedium_airport Grand Island
6 Lincoln Airportmedium_airport Lincoln
7 Mc Cook Ben Nelson Regional Airportmedium_airport Mc Cook
8 Sidney Municipal-Lloyd W Carr Fieldmedium_airport Sidney
9 Offutt Air Force Basemedium_airport Omaha
10 Western Neb. Rgnl/William B. Heilig Airportmedium_airport Scottsbluff
11 Karl Stefan Memorial Airportmedium_airport Norfolk
12 Miller Fieldmedium_airport Valentine
13 Korver Airportsmall_airport Panama
14 Greeley Municipal Airportsmall_airport Greeley
15 Krutz Airportsmall_airport Seward
16 Burkinshaw Fieldsmall_airport Jamison
17 Modisett Airportsmall_airport Rushville
18 Nolte Farms Airportsmall_airport Murray
19 Hall-Feld Airportsmall_airport Davey
20 Krause Private Airportsmall_airport Ansley
21 Lierley Farms Airportsmall_airport Paxton
22 Corr Airportsmall_airport Melbeta
23 Harrison Skyranch Airportsmall_airport Harrison
24 Sutton Airportsmall_airport Chester
25 Regier Brothers Airportsmall_airport Madrid
26 Albion Municipal Airportsmall_airport Albion
27 Grant Municipal Airportsmall_airport Grant
28 Wilber Municipal Airportsmall_airport Wilber
29 P & R Airportsmall_airport Cedar Creek
30 Hooker County Airportsmall_airport Mullen
31 Mc Ginn Ranch Airportsmall_airport Dunning
32 Grant County Airportsmall_airport Hyannis
33 Dostal-Bradley Airportsmall_airport Howells
34 Trumbull Ranch Airportsmall_airport Ringgold
35 Wayne Municipal Airportsmall_airport Wayne
36 Doc's Airportsmall_airport Geneva
37 El-Co Airportsmall_airport Brule
38 Ag Air Airportsmall_airport Broadwater
39 Pawlet Ranch Airportsmall_airport Lakeside
40 Nebraska City Municipal Airportsmall_airport Nebraska City
41 Glaser Airportsmall_airport Spalding
42 Van Boening Airportsmall_airport Wallace
43 Dennys Playground Airportsmall_airport Royal
44 Merchant Homestead Airportsmall_airport Polk
45 Hendricks Fieldsmall_airport Grant
46 Farington Fieldsmall_airport Auburn
47 Loseke Airstripsmall_airport Columbus
48 Mc Millan Ranch Airportsmall_airport Milburn
49 Merrihew Airportsmall_airport Ashby
50 Smith Fieldsmall_airport Champion