Airports in New Mexico US United States

List of all 151 airports in the U.S. state of New Mexico, including major airports in New Mexico. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in New Mexico, how many airports in New Mexico, a list of airports in New Mexico, small airports in New Mexico and cities in New Mexico with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Cannon Air Force Baselarge_airport Clovis
2 Albuquerque International Sunportlarge_airport Albuquerque
3 Holloman Air Force Baselarge_airport Alamogordo
4 Lea County Regional Airportmedium_airport Hobbs
5 Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airportmedium_airport Alamogordo
6 Santa Fe Municipal Airportmedium_airport Santa Fe
7 Las Cruces International Airportmedium_airport Las Cruces
8 Cavern City Air Terminalmedium_airport Carlsbad
9 Sierra Blanca Regional Airportmedium_airport Ruidoso
10 Las Vegas Municipal Airportmedium_airport Las Vegas
11 Four Corners Regional Airportmedium_airport Farmington
12 Deming Municipal Airportmedium_airport Deming
13 Tucumcari Municipal Airportmedium_airport Tucumcari
14 Truth Or Consequences Municipal Airportmedium_airport Truth Or Consequences
15 Gallup Municipal Airportmedium_airport Gallup
16 Roswell International Air Center Airportmedium_airport Roswell
17 Poco Loco Airportsmall_airport Pie Town
18 Chama Land & Cattle Co. Airportsmall_airport Chama
19 Moriarty Municipal Airportsmall_airport Moriarty
20 Hacienda Sur Luna Airportsmall_airport Columbus
21 Raton Municipal-Crews Fieldsmall_airport Raton
22 Alamo Navajo Airportsmall_airport Alamo
23 Elk Valley Airstripsmall_airport Pie Town
24 Lea County-Jal Airportsmall_airport Jal
25 Tierra De Dios Airportsmall_airport Rowe
26 Black Rock Airportsmall_airport Zuni Pueblo
27 Oscura Army Air Field Aux Airportsmall_airport Oscura
28 Esenada Airportsmall_airport Ensenada
29 La Mesa Park Airportsmall_airport Raton
30 Santa Rosa Route 66 Airportsmall_airport Santa Rosa
31 Ray Ranch Airportsmall_airport Roy
32 Crownpoint Airportsmall_airport Crownpoint
33 Artesia Municipal Airportsmall_airport Artesia
34 Shoestring Ranch Airportsmall_airport Organ
35 Springer Municipal Airportsmall_airport Springer
36 Block Ranch Airportsmall_airport Capitan
37 Bell Ranch Waggoner Airportsmall_airport Bell Ranch
38 Belen Regional Airportsmall_airport Belen
39 Cielo Dorado Estates Airportsmall_airport Santa Teresa/El Paso
40 Mountainair Municipal Airportsmall_airport Mountainair
41 Diamond A Ranch Airportsmall_airport Picacho
42 J & M Farms Airportsmall_airport Willard
43 Rael Ranch Horse Pasture Airportsmall_airport Horse Springs
44 Los Alamos Airportsmall_airport Los Alamos
45 Benedict Airparksmall_airport Roswell
46 Sandia Airpark Estates East Airportsmall_airport Edgewood
47 Angel Fire Airportsmall_airport Angel Fire
48 Quemado Airportsmall_airport Quemado
49 Ghost Ranch Stripsmall_airport Abiquiu
50 Bell Ranch Headquarters Airportsmall_airport Bell Ranch