Airports in Nevada US United States

List of all 115 airports in the U.S. state of Nevada, including major airports in Nevada. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Nevada, how many airports in Nevada, a list of airports in Nevada, small airports in Nevada and cities in Nevada with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Reno Tahoe International Airportlarge_airport Reno
2 McCarran International Airportlarge_airport Las Vegas
3 Nellis Air Force Basemedium_airport Las Vegas
4 Desert Rock Airportmedium_airport Mercury
5 North Las Vegas Airportmedium_airport Las Vegas
6 Elko Regional Airportmedium_airport Elko
7 Winnemucca Municipal Airportmedium_airport Winnemucca
8 Ely Airport Yelland Fieldmedium_airport Ely
9 Homey (Area 51) Airportmedium_airport Groom Lake
10 Fallon Naval Air Stationmedium_airport Fallon
11 Derby Fieldmedium_airport Lovelock
12 Tonopah Airportmedium_airport Tonopah
13 Carson Airportsmall_airport Carson City
14 Marys River Ranch Airportsmall_airport Deeth
15 Stevens-Crosby Airportsmall_airport North Fork
16 Hadley Airportsmall_airport Round Mountain
17 Youngberg Ranch Airportsmall_airport Lemmon Valley
18 Topaz Ranch Airportsmall_airport Wellington
19 Perkins Fieldsmall_airport Overton
20 Justover Fieldsmall_airport Sparks
21 Searchlight Airportsmall_airport Searchlight
22 Soldier Meadow Nr 2 Airportsmall_airport Gerlach
23 Lida Junction Airportsmall_airport Goldfield
24 Red Owl Ranch Airportsmall_airport Crescent Valley
25 Wells Municipal Airport/Harriet Fieldsmall_airport Wells
26 Red Rock Ranch Airportsmall_airport Elko
27 Geyser Ranch Airportsmall_airport Ely/Pioche
28 Palomino Airportsmall_airport Sparks
29 Sky Ranch Airportsmall_airport Sandy Valley
30 Soldier Meadow Nr 1 Airportsmall_airport Gerlach
31 Goldfield Airportsmall_airport Goldfield
32 Rolling Thunder Airportsmall_airport Sparks
33 Minden-Tahoe Airportsmall_airport Minden
34 Air Sailing Gliderportsmall_airport Sparks
35 Black Rock City Airportsmall_airport Gerlach
36 Lantana Ranch Airportsmall_airport Yerington
37 Flying S Ranch Ultralightportsmall_airport Pahrump
38 Reno-Stead Airportsmall_airport Reno
39 Sunnyside/Kirch Wildlife Mgmt Area Airportsmall_airport Lund
40 Empire Airportsmall_airport Empire
41 Desert Creek Airportsmall_airport Wellington
42 Tiger Fieldsmall_airport Fernley
43 Circle L Ranch Airportsmall_airport Dyer
44 Denio Junction Airportsmall_airport Denio
45 Duckwater Airportsmall_airport Duckwater
46 Pinenut Airportsmall_airport Gardnerville
47 Boulder City Municipal Airportsmall_airport Boulder City
48 Fallon Municipal Airportsmall_airport Fallon
49 Petan Ranch Airportsmall_airport Mountain City
50 Kidwell Airportsmall_airport Cal Nev Ari