Airports in Oklahoma US United States

List of all 375 airports in the U.S. state of Oklahoma, including major airports in Oklahoma. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Oklahoma, how many airports in Oklahoma, a list of airports in Oklahoma, small airports in Oklahoma and cities in Oklahoma with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Altus Air Force Baselarge_airport Altus
2 Will Rogers World Airportlarge_airport Oklahoma City
3 Tinker Air Force Baselarge_airport Oklahoma City
4 Tulsa International Airportlarge_airport Tulsa
5 Vance Air Force Baselarge_airport Enid
6 Henry Post Army Air Field (Fort Sill)medium_airport Fort Sill
7 Hobart Regional Airportmedium_airport Hobart
8 Stillwater Regional Airportmedium_airport Stillwater
9 Mc Alester Regional Airportmedium_airport Mc Alester
10 Ponca City Regional Airportmedium_airport Ponca City
11 Guymon Municipal Airportmedium_airport Guymon
12 West Woodward Airportmedium_airport Woodward
13 Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Airportmedium_airport Tulsa
14 Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airportmedium_airport Lawton
15 Buzzards Roost Airportsmall_airport Inola
16 Christopher M. Rippee Memorial Airportsmall_airport Non
17 Entz Oliver Airportsmall_airport Hydro
18 Henryetta Municipal Airportsmall_airport Henryetta
19 Mckey Airportsmall_airport Elmore City
20 Dog Iron Ranch Airportsmall_airport Oologah
21 Cc & M Airportsmall_airport Medford
22 Viskup Family Fieldsmall_airport Bartlesville
23 Myrick Airportsmall_airport Edmond
24 Sand Ridge Airpark Inc Airportsmall_airport Collinsville
25 Purcell Municipal - Steven E. Shephard fieldsmall_airport Purcell
26 Elgin's Stony Field Airportsmall_airport Elgin
27 Mignon Laird Municipal Airportsmall_airport Cheyenne
28 Hill Top Private Airportsmall_airport Lawton
29 Earl Henry Airportsmall_airport Blackwell
30 Ramey 1 Airportsmall_airport Marlow
31 South Grand Lake Regional Airportsmall_airport Ketchum
32 Bost Ranch Airportsmall_airport Luther
33 Cimarron Stripsmall_airport Jennings
34 Waters Home Airportsmall_airport Hydro
35 Harrison Airportsmall_airport Welch
36 Seminole Municipal Airportsmall_airport Seminole
37 Newman Farm Airportsmall_airport Velma
38 Haymaker Private Airportsmall_airport Dover
39 Kegelman AF Aux Fieldsmall_airport Cherokee
40 Fulton Airportsmall_airport Alex
41 Bluebird Airparksmall_airport Shawnee
42 Twin Lakes Ranch Airportsmall_airport Granite
43 Lawles Airportsmall_airport Hydro
44 Hominy Municipal Airportsmall_airport Hominy
45 Duck Creek Airportsmall_airport Mounds
46 Flying H Airportsmall_airport Ashland
47 Lindsay Municipal Airportsmall_airport Lindsay
48 Sayre Municipal Airportsmall_airport Sayre
49 Gundys Airportsmall_airport Owasso
50 Stearmans Roost Airportsmall_airport Vinita