Airports in Oregon US United States

List of all 355 airports in the U.S. state of Oregon, including major airports in Oregon. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Oregon, how many airports in Oregon, a list of airports in Oregon, small airports in Oregon and cities in Oregon with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Portland International Airportlarge_airport Portland
2 Portland Hillsboro Airportmedium_airport Portland
3 Eastern Oregon Regional At Pendleton Airportmedium_airport Pendleton
4 Salem Municipal Airport/McNary Fieldmedium_airport Salem
5 Astoria Regional Airportmedium_airport Astoria
6 Roberts Fieldmedium_airport Redmond
7 Crater Lake-Klamath Regional Airportmedium_airport Klamath Falls
8 Baker City Municipal Airportmedium_airport Baker City
9 Portland Troutdale Airportmedium_airport Portland
10 Burns Municipal Airportmedium_airport Burns
11 Rogue Valley International Medford Airportmedium_airport Medford
12 Aurora State Airportmedium_airport Aurora
13 Corvallis Municipal Airportmedium_airport Corvallis
14 Mc Minnville Municipal Airportmedium_airport Mc Minnville
15 Columbia Gorge Regional the Dalles Municipal Airportmedium_airport The Dalles
16 Mahlon Sweet Fieldmedium_airport Eugene
17 Newport Municipal Airportmedium_airport Newport
18 Southwest Oregon Regional Airportmedium_airport North Bend
19 Karpens Airportsmall_airport Astoria
20 Wilderness Airportsmall_airport Bly
21 Rothrock Fieldsmall_airport Adams
22 Compton Airportsmall_airport Canby
23 Winkle Bar Airportsmall_airport Grants Pass
24 Paisley Airportsmall_airport Paisley
25 Collins Landing Stripsmall_airport Mitchell
26 Miss Kittys Strip Airportsmall_airport Amity
27 Mountaindale Airportsmall_airport Mountaindale
28 Ames Airportsmall_airport Jefferson
29 Big Muddy Ranch Airportsmall_airport Antelope
30 Dietz Airparksmall_airport Canby
31 Pilot Butte Airportsmall_airport Bend
32 Teed's Airportsmall_airport Lakeview
33 Auberge Des Fleurs Airportsmall_airport Sandy
34 Beagle Sky Ranch Airportsmall_airport Medford
35 Oakridge State Airportsmall_airport Oakridge
36 Hanel Fieldsmall_airport Mount Hood
37 Happy Valley Airportsmall_airport Happy Valley
38 Schmidt Airportsmall_airport Boring
39 Siletz Bay State Airportsmall_airport Gleneden Beach
40 Vey Sheep Ranch Airportsmall_airport Starkey
41 Walker Airportsmall_airport Creswell
42 Mach-O Acres Airportsmall_airport Sheridan
43 Mc Kinnon Airparksmall_airport Sandy
44 Siletz Airportsmall_airport Siletz
45 Sunrise Valley Ranch Lodge Airportsmall_airport Prineville
46 Lenhardt Airparksmall_airport Hubbard
47 Nelson Ranch Airportsmall_airport Maupin
48 Roaring Springs Ranch Airportsmall_airport Frenchglen
49 Minam Lodge Airportsmall_airport Cove
50 Barrett Fieldsmall_airport Athena