Airports in South Dakota US United States

List of all 161 airports in the U.S. state of South Dakota, including major airports in South Dakota. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in South Dakota, how many airports in South Dakota, a list of airports in South Dakota, small airports in South Dakota and cities in South Dakota with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Joe Foss Field Airportmedium_airport Sioux Falls
2 Pierre Regional Airportmedium_airport Pierre
3 Huron Regional Airportmedium_airport Huron
4 Rapid City Regional Airportmedium_airport Rapid City
5 Ellsworth Air Force Basemedium_airport Rapid City
6 Aberdeen Regional Airportmedium_airport Aberdeen
7 Watertown Regional Airportmedium_airport Watertown
8 Mobridge Municipal Airportmedium_airport Mobridge
9 Chan Gurney Municipal Airportmedium_airport Yankton
10 Pepper Port Airportsmall_airport Bonesteel
11 Selle Airportsmall_airport Bonesteel
12 The Sigurd Anderson Airportsmall_airport Webster
13 Webster-Eneboe Airstripsmall_airport Wilmot
14 Faith Municipal Airportsmall_airport Faith
15 Miller Municipal Airportsmall_airport Miller
16 Dan's Airportsmall_airport Rapid City
17 Hunt Fieldsmall_airport Eagle Butte
18 Wall Municipal Airportsmall_airport Wall
19 Erickson Intergalactic Airportsmall_airport Valley Springs
20 Dorsey Ranch Airportsmall_airport Glad Valley
21 Mj Aviation Ii Airportsmall_airport Elk Point
22 Howard Municipal Airportsmall_airport Howard
23 Cooks Airportsmall_airport Cottonwood
24 Harding County Airportsmall_airport Buffalo
25 Belle Fourche Municipal Airportsmall_airport Belle Fourche
26 Bollweg Farm Airportsmall_airport Harrold
27 Braun Airportsmall_airport Aberdeen
28 Redfield Municipal Airportsmall_airport Redfield
29 Lee Airportsmall_airport De Smet
30 Philip Airportsmall_airport Philip
31 Clear Lake Municipal Airportsmall_airport Clear Lake
32 Blomberg 42 Ranch Private Airportsmall_airport Faith
33 Bison Municipal Airportsmall_airport Bison
34 Glenwood Fieldsmall_airport Beresford
35 Burke Fieldsmall_airport Scotland
36 Mj Aviation I Airportsmall_airport Letcher
37 Camp Crook Municipal Airportsmall_airport Camp Crook
38 Flying T Airportsmall_airport Hot Springs
39 Hoven Municipal Airportsmall_airport Hoven
40 Nicolaisen Airportsmall_airport Mount Vernon
41 Sky Ranch For Boys Airportsmall_airport Camp Crook
42 Faulkton Municipal Airportsmall_airport Faulkton
43 Marone Airportsmall_airport Huron
44 Bowdle Municipal Airportsmall_airport Bowdle
45 Hite Private Airportsmall_airport Ferney
46 Canton Municipal Airportsmall_airport Canton
47 Mettler Airportsmall_airport Menno
48 Turkey Ridge Airportsmall_airport Hurley
49 Calico Fieldsmall_airport Winfred
50 Beaman Airportsmall_airport Selby