Airports in South Dakota US United States

List of all 160 airports in the U.S. state of South Dakota, including major airports in South Dakota. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in South Dakota, how many airports in South Dakota, a list of airports in South Dakota, small airports in South Dakota and cities in South Dakota with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Watertown Regional Airportmedium_airport Watertown
2 Mobridge Municipal Airportmedium_airport Mobridge
3 Chan Gurney Municipal Airportmedium_airport Yankton
4 Joe Foss Field Airportmedium_airport Sioux Falls
5 Pierre Regional Airportmedium_airport Pierre
6 Huron Regional Airportmedium_airport Huron
7 Rapid City Regional Airportmedium_airport Rapid City
8 Ellsworth Air Force Basemedium_airport Rapid City
9 Aberdeen Regional Airportmedium_airport Aberdeen
10 Flandreau Municipal Airportsmall_airport Flandreau
11 Oller Airportsmall_airport Vivian
12 Pine Ridge Airportsmall_airport Pine Ridge
13 Arlington Municipal Airportsmall_airport Arlington
14 Shambo Ranch Airportsmall_airport Lemmon
15 W L Thompson Airportsmall_airport Pierre
16 Murdo Municipal Airportsmall_airport Murdo
17 Bledsoe Ranch Airportsmall_airport Hoover
18 Rosebud Sioux Tribal Airportsmall_airport Rosebud
19 Kimball Municipal Airportsmall_airport Kimball
20 Corsica Municipal Airportsmall_airport Corsica
21 Anderson Aerial Spraying Airportsmall_airport Kennebec
22 Tribitt Airportsmall_airport Albee
23 Andersen Farms Airportsmall_airport Badger
24 Wessington Springs Airportsmall_airport Wessington Springs
25 Barber Airportsmall_airport Enning
26 Lemmon Municipal Airportsmall_airport Lemmon
27 Brown Fieldsmall_airport Scenic
28 Waltner & Richards Airportsmall_airport Bridgewater
29 Ike John Private Airportsmall_airport Strool/Prairie City
30 Parkston Municipal Airportsmall_airport Parkston
31 Oasis Ranch Airportsmall_airport Philip
32 Harold Davidson Fieldsmall_airport Vermillion
33 Graham Fieldsmall_airport North Sioux City
34 Gettysburg Municipal Airportsmall_airport Gettysburg
35 Monty Harer Airstripsmall_airport Hoven
36 Brookings Regional Airportsmall_airport Brookings
37 Lutgen Airportsmall_airport White
38 Hayes Emergency Airstripsmall_airport Hayes
39 Mc Laughlin Municipal Airportsmall_airport Mc Laughlin
40 Glawe's Airportsmall_airport Sioux Falls
41 Chris Hofer Landing Stripsmall_airport Tea
42 Ingle Airportsmall_airport Cavour
43 Plihal Farms Airportsmall_airport Tyndall
44 Onida Municipal Airportsmall_airport Onida
45 Porch Ranch Airportsmall_airport Wanblee
46 Springfield Municipal Airportsmall_airport Springfield
47 White River Municipal Airportsmall_airport White River
48 Milbank Municipal Airportsmall_airport Milbank
49 Vivian Airportsmall_airport Vivian
50 Britton Municipal Airportsmall_airport Britton