Airports in Vermont US United States

List of all 65 airports in the U.S. state of Vermont, including major airports in Vermont. In this list you can find answers to questions such as: what airports are in Vermont, how many airports in Vermont, a list of airports in Vermont, small airports in Vermont and cities in Vermont with airports.

# Airport • type Municipality
1 Edward F Knapp State Airportmedium_airport Barre/Montpelier
2 Rutland - Southern Vermont Regional Airportmedium_airport Rutland
3 Burlington International Airportmedium_airport Burlington
4 Franklin County State Airportsmall_airport Highgate
5 Davis Private Airportsmall_airport Jericho
6 Ass-Pirin Acres Airportsmall_airport Addison
7 Douglas Fieldsmall_airport North Troy
8 Mount Snow Airportsmall_airport West Dover
9 Allenholm Airportsmall_airport South Hero
10 Northern Lights Airportsmall_airport Alburg
11 E.A.Deeds Farm Airportsmall_airport Charlotte
12 Mountain View Farm Airportsmall_airport Morristown
13 John H Boylan State (Island Pond) Airportsmall_airport Island Pond
14 Ketcham Lndg Area Airportsmall_airport Waitsfield
15 Morrisville Stowe State Airportsmall_airport Morrisville
16 Miller's Pleasure Airfieldsmall_airport Vernon
17 Holloway Airportsmall_airport Chester
18 Melrose Springs Airfieldsmall_airport Bridport
19 Symon Airportsmall_airport Shoreham
20 Carriers Skypark Airportsmall_airport Washington
21 Fairholt Airportsmall_airport Burlington
22 Lightning Bolt Field Airportsmall_airport Cabot
23 Axinn Airportsmall_airport Weybridge
24 Shelburne Airportsmall_airport Shelburne
25 Middlebury State Airportsmall_airport Middlebury
26 Yankee Kingdom Airportsmall_airport West Addison
27 Hartness State (Springfield) Airportsmall_airport Springfield
28 Shaw Meadow Airportsmall_airport Milton
29 Meadow STOLportsmall_airport Jericho
30 Savage Island Airportsmall_airport Grand Isle
31 Hawk's Nest Airportsmall_airport Isle Lamotte
32 Major W. Guth STOLportsmall_airport Westminster
33 Teal Farm Airportsmall_airport Huntington
34 Bailey Airportsmall_airport Panton
35 Warren-Sugarbush Airportsmall_airport Warren
36 Smith Airportsmall_airport Ludlow
37 Basin Harbor Airportsmall_airport Vergennes
38 Greenwoods Airfieldsmall_airport Alburg
39 Red Fox Airportsmall_airport Bondville
40 Brandon Airportsmall_airport Randolph
41 North Windham Airportsmall_airport Londonderry
42 Mach Personal Stripsmall_airport Pawlet
43 Taylor Airportsmall_airport Wolcott
44 Maule's Roost Airportsmall_airport Lincoln
45 West Burke Aerodromesmall_airport West Burke
46 Post Mills Airportsmall_airport Post Mills
47 Shelburne Farms Airportsmall_airport Shelburne
48 Caledonia County Airportsmall_airport Lyndonville
49 Two Tails Airportsmall_airport Morrisville
50 Santa's Airportsmall_airport Putney